Advanced Custom Taxonomies

Advanced Custom Taxonomies is your plugin solution for creating and managing your taxonomies. It’s very easy to use and has a intuitive user interface for creating custom taxonomies and taxonomies meta data. You will be able to take the concept of post meta to term meta.

Having term meta is very useful when there is need for adding extra information to your taxonomy terms, for example:

Let’s imagine we are having a event on a school library about books. Each book has it’s on Book Category ( Custom Taxonomy ) and each Book Category needs to be replaced by others from the library on different dates. Book Category can also be focused more to a male audience and we also want to give them a different priority than other book categories so we’ll have the following meta for a book category:

Genre: Male
End Date: 10-10-2014
Priority: High

Advanced Custom Taxonomies will do this for you, it will let you add all the necessary information you need for your terms.

This is a unique plugin, no other does what this plugin does, it lets you create over 12 different types of taxonomies meta:

  • Text – Simple input text
  • Datepicker – Simple input text with datepicker (for date time)
  • Repeatable – Repeatable text inputs
  • Textarea – Simple textarea
  • Select – Simple select box
  • Select multiple – Simple select box where you can choose multiple options
  • Radio – Radio button(s)
  • Checkbox – Simple Checkbox(es)
  • WYSIWYG – Textarea with WordPress TinyMCE(What You See Is What You Get)
  • Upload – Upload input
  • Repeatable upload – Multiple upload inputs
  • Image – Simple Image upload (similiar to upload but shows image thumb if existing).
  • Repeatable image – Multiple image upload inputs (similiar to upload but shows image thumb if existing).

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