Advanced Custom Nav Menus

Advanced Custom Nav Menus is your plugin solution for customizing your WordPress Menu. It’s very easy to use and has a intuitive user interface.
This is a unique plugin, no other does what this plugin does, it lets you create over 12 different types of menu item fields, create menu templates and use 6 predesigned menu templates.
WordPress only lets you display and customize your WordPress Menu by coding a custom walker and this plugin lets you do this without coding. Advanced Custom Nav Menus will make your life as a developer or as a non-developer a lot easier whenever you want to customize your WordPress Menu. You won’t have any problems customizing your WordPress Menu display or even displaying it anywhere you wish. Advanced Custom Nav Menus is a MUST HAVE plugin when you want to integrate a styled menu into a WordPress Nav Menu or whenever you need to customize any WordPress Menu.

Nav Menu

Nav Menu is a navigation is wordpress easy way to create menus. You can create them through Appearance → Menus panel.

Nav Menu Metadata

Advanced Custom Nav Menus enables you to create your own menu metadata, this is very useful when you need to save metadata in wp nav menu.
For example, you might want to save extra information to each menu item and display it in the front end. Something like a icon that you want to attach to the menu item and you don’t want to create the meta to save this in the page.
Advanced Custom Nav Menus lets you do this and more through a easy and pretty user interface.

Nav Menu Meta Box

Nav Menu Meta Box is a concept that Advanced Custom Nav Menus uses for grouping meta fields. In few words it’s a group of meta fields. In order to create meta fields for your taxonomies you first need to create a meta box ( group of meta fields ).

Nav Menu Meta Field

Nav Menu Meta Field is any extra information you want to add to your terms. Advanced Custom Nav Menus lets you add different types of meta fields.

Nav Menu Template

A menu template is the easy way to display your WordPress menu anywhere on your website. You can customize your WordPress Menu or integrate it with an existing styled menu! This is the easy way for developers and non developers to customize and integrate menus into WordPress Nav Menus!

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