Advanced Custom Nav Menus

Advanced Custom Nav Menus is your plugin solution for customizing your WordPress Menu. It’s very easy to use and has a intuitive user interface.
This is a unique plugin, no other does what this plugin does, it lets you create over 12 different types of menu item fields, create menu templates and use 6 predesigned menu templates.
WordPress only lets you display and customize your WordPress Menu by coding a custom walker and this plugin lets you do this without coding. Advanced Custom Nav Menus will make your life as a developer or as a non-developer a lot easier whenever you want to customize your WordPress Menu. You won’t have any problems customizing your WordPress Menu display or even displaying it anywhere you wish. Advanced Custom Nav Menus is a MUST HAVE plugin when you want to integrate a styled menu into a WordPress Nav Menu or whenever you need to customize any WordPress Menu.

Nav Menu

Nav Menu is a navigation is wordpress easy way to create menus. You can create them through Appearance → Menus panel.

Nav Menu Metadata

Advanced Custom Nav Menus enables you to create your own menu metadata, this is very useful when you need to save metadata in wp nav menu.
For example, you might want to save extra information to each menu item and display it in the front end. Something like a icon that you want to attach to the menu item and you don’t want to create the meta to save this in the page.
Advanced Custom Nav Menus lets you do this and more through a easy and pretty user interface.

Nav Menu Meta Box

Nav Menu Meta Box is a concept that Advanced Custom Nav Menus uses for grouping meta fields. In few words it’s a group of meta fields. In order to create meta fields for your taxonomies you first need to create a meta box ( group of meta fields ).

Nav Menu Meta Field

Nav Menu Meta Field is any extra information you want to add to your terms. Advanced Custom Nav Menus lets you add different types of meta fields.

Nav Menu Template

A menu template is the easy way to display your WordPress menu anywhere on your website. You can customize your WordPress Menu or integrate it with an existing styled menu! This is the easy way for developers and non developers to customize and integrate menus into WordPress Nav Menus!

Advanced Custom Taxonomies

Advanced Custom Taxonomies is your plugin solution for creating and managing your taxonomies. It’s very easy to use and has a intuitive user interface for creating custom taxonomies and taxonomies meta data. You will be able to take the concept of post meta to term meta.

Having term meta is very useful when there is need for adding extra information to your taxonomy terms, for example:

Let’s imagine we are having a event on a school library about books. Each book has it’s on Book Category ( Custom Taxonomy ) and each Book Category needs to be replaced by others from the library on different dates. Book Category can also be focused more to a male audience and we also want to give them a different priority than other book categories so we’ll have the following meta for a book category:

Genre: Male
End Date: 10-10-2014
Priority: High

Advanced Custom Taxonomies will do this for you, it will let you add all the necessary information you need for your terms.

This is a unique plugin, no other does what this plugin does, it lets you create over 12 different types of taxonomies meta:

  • Text – Simple input text
  • Datepicker – Simple input text with datepicker (for date time)
  • Repeatable – Repeatable text inputs
  • Textarea – Simple textarea
  • Select – Simple select box
  • Select multiple – Simple select box where you can choose multiple options
  • Radio – Radio button(s)
  • Checkbox – Simple Checkbox(es)
  • WYSIWYG – Textarea with WordPress TinyMCE(What You See Is What You Get)
  • Upload – Upload input
  • Repeatable upload – Multiple upload inputs
  • Image – Simple Image upload (similiar to upload but shows image thumb if existing).
  • Repeatable image – Multiple image upload inputs (similiar to upload but shows image thumb if existing).

Frontend Upload

What is Frontend Upload?

Frontend Upload is a a complete uploading plugin solution for WordPress. It can satisfy all your uploading needs. As the name states, it is aimed for frontend uploading, but it can also work wherever you might need!

It’s fully customizable through a great Backend Settings Manager and it works via AJAX.

You can download Frontend Upload here:
Advanced Custom Nav Menus

Paxum Payment Gateway

What is Paxum E-Wallet?

Paxum E-Wallet is a complete payment solution for electronic use. It’s well known for it’s low fees, instant transfer between paxum accounts and their 24/7 support.

What is Easy Digital Downloads?

Easy Digital Downloads is the world’s easiest way to sell digital downloads through WordPress for free using a plugin.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell anything online.

Paxum E-Wallet recently implemented their own API so there were requests to develop Paxum Payment Gateway Extension for Easy Digital Downloads and for WooCommerce.
Paxum Payment Gateway let’s you accept and process payments using Paxum E-Wallet.

Paxum E-Wallet uses PaxumIPN(Instant Payment Notification) Verification so that confirmation of payments are done automatically once the transfer is done via Paxum E-Wallet.

If you are using Easy Digital Downloads you can disable this if you wish to confirm manually by checking the option “Disable Paxum IPN verification” which is located on Easy Digital Downloads Payment Gateways Settings.

Vertical Menu

What is Vertical Menu?

Vertical Menu is a beautiful flexible, easy to use and fully customizable JQUERY Vertical Menu.

It will fit your website perfectly if you are looking for a vertical menu.

Vertical Menu was designed and developed to work with static and dynamic content, so you won’t have problems if you decide to add dynamic menu items.

You can download Vertical Menu V2 for free here:
Advanced Custom Nav Menus